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On La Baïse

By Tuesday, my time in Nérac was drawing to a close, but there was still time to create a few more memories. What could be more memorable than a trip down the tranquil La Baïse? Colin, Terese, Naomi and I set out on a two-hour ride down the river—or maybe we were going up. No matter, the river was so tranquil the trip became a meditative experience.  However, when it was time to manage a lock, we hustled.  Talk about memorable. It’s a strange feeling waiting for the gates to open, boating in, and watching the gates close behind you. We were in an enclosed area, endeavoring to keep the boat stationary as the water rose and rose. Finally, the gates at the other end opened and we drove through. It requires a key to open the gates, so we had to pull over and allow Colin to jump out and manage the lock. That left Terese, Naomi and me to navigate through the lock without Colin at the helm. Intrepid Terese drove the boat. We all pitched in holding the boat stationary whenever necessary—it’s called “grab and hold and hold.”  If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words are these pictures worth?…








Colin at the helm








Therese takes over






A scenic shot







The abandoned building we explored on foot several weeks ago.








Naomi on the river








In the lock






Hanging on








My art shot





Second lock, but we turned around at this point. I believe that’s my finger in the shot. The only photo of me–sort of–on the river.






Back to civilization


We saw beautiful homes, historic sites, ancient ruins, kingfishers, butterflies and what we think was an otter, although Colin prefers beaver. A lovely day, and we still had Tuesday Night Market to look forward to. But first, a nap. Zzzzzzzzz