About Pamela…


I am an artist, writer and special education teacher living in Sonoma County, California.

When I was just ten years old, I began formal art training at the Wyomissing Institute of Fine Art. I’ve been “a lifetime student of art ever since” My work has appeared in galleries throughout the Bay Area, and can be seen at the Cloverdale Arts Alliance Gallery where I am a resident artist. For the past six years my work has been juried into the prestigious American Art Collector (Alcove Books). I received a one-year grant from the Sonoma County Office of Education­—Teaching Teachers to Teach Art— presenting workshops and in-class demonstrations to fellow teachers. I was also a co-owner of Phantom IV, a phantom gallery in Windsor, California, from April 2011 to September 2013.

Although I write in many genres, my thirty years as an educator have inspired me to write and illustrate picture books for children. I began my career in education teaching eighth grade English. Discovering that I loved working with the students other teachers labeled “problems,” I switched gears after two years and acquired a special education credential. Today I teach young children with autism and other developmental disabilities. My stories and illustrations have been entertaining my students for years, and I am now poised to enter the larger world of publishing with Amazing Animals, Fun Facts from A to Z.

My published memoirs appear in the anthologies Journeys: On the Road and Off the Map, and the newly released Stories from the Well. The poetry anthology, Stolen Light, features several of my poems. All are available at Amazon.com. Another poem, Midlife Connoisseur, appears in the 2016 California Writers Literary Review. My maternal grandmother was a writer who published her last poem at the age of 100. I hope to follow in her footsteps.

Whether painting or writing (or dancing, or acting), the desire to create has shaped my life. I’m bringing my passion for art, in all its forms, to my blog. I invite you to follow along…






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