Monthly Archives: January 2020

First Blog of 2020

Picks from 2019, the good, the not so good, and some things to share

I’ve been on hiatus for a while. The holiday season is a busy one and my blog got pushed aside. No promises yet on how regular my blogs will be in 2020, but this is a start.

Best new quote:  Vulnerability is the courage to be imperfect.  Brené Brown

Best sleep discovery: Calm, the app for sleep. Bedtime stories for adults—works like a charm! Listening to a story turns off my busy brain. I never manage to stay awake for the whole story, but that’s the point. Zzzzzz

Best memory: My artist residency at Studio Faire in  Nérac, France, was definitely the high point of my year. A special shout out to my hosts, Julia Douglas and Colin Usher for nourishing dreams. For those of you who wonder exactly what an artist residency is all about, read this testimonial from former resident, Miguel Guerrero Beccera:  “Julia and Colin have established a sanctuary, a wondrous village within a village where judgement is the only foreign word, and everything is connected by the same ligature of love, and urge for creation.” There are still a few openings available at Studio Faire for 2020. Make your dream a reality.

Low point of the year: The Kincaid fire. Once again flames devoured part of Sonoma County. I was only inconvenienced but many others were not so lucky—lives were disrupted, homes and businesses lost. Once, again, we proved we are Sonoma strong, but will this really be the new normal? Continue reading